My stock and options trading education is a blog following my personal journey into the world of InvesTools and stocks & options trading. I haven't done this stuff before -- stock market trading, I mean -- so it's nerve-wracking. Let's see how this InvesTools thing works, eh? Join me as I uncover a new career (or side-career for now, at least,) and maybe we'll all learn something new!

Getting Started With The Schoolin'

I'll talk about it more later, but I attended a Success Magazine Investor Education seminar dealie that has provided my formal introduction to stock trading (with VERY basic coverage of options trading). From the introduction there, I was given some books to read and they're finally all shipped in so I've got a TON of reading to do!

First, I've chosen to go through Trading For A Living by Alexander Elder first. The book is very interesting so far, covering psychology of being a successful and disciplined trader in the first couple chapters. It's really interesting... the Alcoholics Anonymous references are still not totally sinking in as they relate to stock market trading, but he makes very interesting points. There is much I'm learning about myself reading through this book.. that's a good thing already. :)

I'm just throwing that at you in case you are looking for a place to start... well, if you're wondering how I'm starting, I guess! I can't recommend this as a place to start, but the stock trader I've learned my first bit from had this book on the short list of "read these now" books. :) launches!

Yay! I've had the domain for a while now and I'm finally figuring out what to do with it... actually, it figured out what's going to be done with itself. The domain has a history in the realm of stock market investment news/info, so I decided to pick up that torch and see what kind of fires I can start with it.

The older site(s) created by past owners were about stock and market news apparently from experienced trader(s). This is not like that at all. For one thing, I'm NOT an experienced trader. Yeah, you won't be finding me telling you how to make huge cash in the stock market.. yet, I hope. For now, I decided to start blogging about my experience with my newly-acquired motivation to do stock and options trading using the InvesTools stuff I learned about recently.

I'll expand on the whole thing soon, but for now, I want you to bookmark the site if you're interested and please come back soon to see what's happening as I learn about trading stocks. I'm stoked and I hope I can pass on some info others could use... and hopefully others with more knowledge than I will pop in to set me straight if they think I'm doing things foolishly!! That would help out far more than just me... anyone reading the site could get good info from that kind of cooperation.

Anyway, please drop by soon and we'll chat more about this whole stock market thing, eh?